Physical Therapy

Note:  The following instructions and videos are intended to be followed only under the supervision of a veterinarian after a physical exam and medical diagnosis. Attempting these exercises without a proper diagnosis and veterinary guidance could be harmful and/or painful for your pet.

Written Instructions:


1. Shoulder Flexion and Extension

2. Shoulder Abduction

3. Shoulder Adduction

4. Shoulder Rotation

5. Elbow Flexion and Extension

6. Forelimb Pronation and Supination

7. Carpus Flexion and Extension

8. Toe Flexion and Extension

9. Hip Flexion and Extension

10. Hip Abduction

11. Hip Adduction

12. Hip Rotation

13. Stifle (Knee) Flexion and Extension

14. Hock Flexion and Extension

15. Two Legged Standing

16. Spin or Tight Circle

17. Bootie on Paw

18. Foot Wrap

19. Standing on Cushion

20. Balanced Board

21. Obstacle Course

22. Circles

23. Slalom

24. Down Hill

25. Wheelbarrow

26. Digging

27. Elevated Stepping

28. Side Stepping

29. Crawl

30. Dancing

32. Sit To Stand

33. Walking Backwards

34. Up Hill Walking

35. Stairs

Physical therapy videos and other materials provided courtesy of Zoetis, formerly Pfizer Animal Health. Written materials excerpted from A Manual of Basic Therapeutic Exercises for the Dog, Dennis Caywood, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist, Senior Veterinary Specialist- Pfizer Animal Health