Bathing Services

Bathing Services at Blue Springs Pet Resort

We offer bathing and lo shed services with a caring staff who will pamper your pet with TLC and send them home looking and feeling great!

Whether your pet needs a simple standard bath, a premium bath with trimming or mat removal, or a lo shed treatment to reduce shedding, our bathing services will soon have them looking and feeling their best.

Hydrosurge Bathing System

All of our bathing services start with a refreshing bubble bath with our unique Hydrosurge Bathing System. The spray’s combing action separates the hair and penetrates to the skin, breaking up oils and flushing away dirt, debris, loose hair, dead skin, and dander.

As the dirt is washed away new suds replace the existing ones, leaving the coat and skin thoroughly clean and fresh.

The Hydrosurge system includes a high speed dryer which separates and blows out dead hair, fluffs up the coat, and thoroughly dries the skin.

When combined with medicated shampoos and rinses, the Hydrosurge system is ideal for treating dogs with skin problems such as dry, flaky, itchy, allergic or infected skin. Regularly scheduled hydrosurge baths can make a big difference for these pets!

The video to the right demonstrates the Hydrosurge system in action.

Standard Bathing Service

Standard bathing is offered by our pet resort staff for pets who need a simple bath, but do not require their hair coat shaved, trimmed, thinned, de-matted, or otherwise treated or styled.

A standard bath includes a hydrosurge bath, light brushing, nail trim, and ear cleaning. We will also express the anal glands if needed or requested.


Premium Bathing and Lo Shed Services

Premium Bubble Baths
A premium bubble bath includes all the services of a standard bath, plus a deep scrub and massage, hand drying and fluffing, extended brushing, trimming of the foot pads and sanitary areas if needed, and light mat removal (2-3 localized mats).

Additional fees apply for moderate localized mat removal ($5-$20).

Our bathers cannot treat widespread matting which requires shaving of the face or body by a professional groomer.

Lo Shed Treatments
Special shampoos and intensive work with special brushes can be used to remove excess hair and reduce shedding. Low shed is not NO shed, but reduces it significantly for about 4 weeks.

Frequent Premium Bather Program
Lo Shed works best when dogs are treated at least every 4 weeks. If your previous Premium Bath/Lo Shed treatment was within the last 4 weeks you will receive a $10 discount off the Premium Bath/Lo Shed.

We recommend scheduling your next Premium Bath/Lo Shed treatments at the time of discharge to reserve your appointment.

Professional Grooming

If your pet needs their face or body shaved or styled in a breed specific groom then they will need an appointment with a professional groomer.

Blue Springs Animal Hospital & Pet Resort does not offer professional grooming services, but there are many reputable groom shops in the local area.


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