Fees & Payment Options

People are often surprised that fees vary from veterinarian to veterinarian. The reason is that the quality of veterinary care varies. Our fees reflect top quality care by a dedicated & highly trained staff with an unsurpassed level of concern for your pet. We provide state of the art services which do not skimp on quality, while keeping our fees as competitive as possible.

We are happy to discuss our fees and provide you with an estimate prior to initiation of medical treatment.

Payment Policy
Our expenses are incurred at the time of services and we appreciate prompt payment. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash and personal checks. We also partner with several 3rd party companies to offer multiple financing options including ScratchPay, CareCredit, and PaymentBanc.

Make a Payment
If you would like to make an immediate on-line credit card payment directly to Blue Springs Animal Hospital to pay for a deposit or services, you may do so via this secure and convenient on-line form.

Financing Options
If you have questions or need a cost estimate in order to apply for financing, please call us at 816-229-1544.

  • ScratchPay is a 3rd party billing service which will pay your pet’s bill and then allow you to pay out the┬ábalance over time to them. They have various payment plans available including a 12 month plan. Their on-line application process is quick and simple and they can tell you within minutes whether you qualify for a payment plan. If you are approved and sign up for a payment plan we are notified and can proceed with treatment immediately with no down payment.

Apply at scratchpay.com.

  • CareCredit is a 3rd party billing service which will pay your pet’s bill and then allow you to pay out the┬ábalance over time to them. Our arrangement with Care Credit allows you to finance an initial approved amount for 6 months with no interest. If the balance is not paid within 6 months, CareCredit will assess interest charges. CareCredit issues a pet health care card which essentially works like a credit card for any additional balances. You may use the service for a one time balance, or as an ongoing line of credit through CareCredit. If approved there is no down payment required.

Apply at CareCredit.com.

  • PaymentBanc is a service which enables us to do a soft credit check and extend 12 months of interest free credit. PaymentBanc automatically and securely debits your checking or savings account on a schedule convenient for you until your balance is paid. There is a fee of $10 for the credit check and $25 for the ACH account set up and administration. There are no monthly fees or service charges, making PaymentBanc an economical way to incorporate veterinary care into your monthly budget. PaymentBanc requires a down payment prior to services. Visit the hospital or call us at 816-229-1544 to apply.